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The roots of Herambiente's expertise can be traced back around 100 years to the municipally owned companies of Emilia-Romagna tasked with waste management in the first half of the twentieth century, and to the subsequent construction of urban-waste disposal plants.

Herambiente was created on 1 July 2009 out of the Environment Division of Hera Group, Ecologia Ambiente S.r.l. and Recupera S.r.l., inheriting their expertise and plants.

The incorporation of local companies into Hera enabled it to use and extend their plant infrastructure, expanding its presence in special-waste management thanks to enhanced managerial skills, available financial resources and improved expertise, maintaining strong roots in local communities within the region.

It constituted further proof of the local authorities' desire to remain at the forefront of the waste sector through brave, innovative policies that have enabled the region to be one of the few in Italy that can be certain of being protected against the risk of environmental emergencies over the coming decades. Herambiente is currently the biggest Italian operator in waste disposal and recovery by number of plants and volume of waste treated, and is an industry benchmark throughout Europe.

This status was confirmed in July 2010 when two leading institutional investors acquired shares in Herambiente with a view to a long-term investment. Eiser, a major European infrastructure fund, and APG, a Dutch pension fund, set up special-purpose vehicle Ambiente Arancione Cooperatief U.A. in order to carry out the acquisition, and currently they control 25% of the company.

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