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100% of Pistoia Ambiente goes to Herambiente

The Hera Group extends the scope of its activities in Tuscany and consolidates its leadership in environmental services for businesses by acquiring the Serravalle Pistoiese landfill and the associated liquid waste treatment plant.


Herambiente, a Hera Group company and Italian leader in waste treatment, has acquired Pistoia Ambiente, which manages the Serravalle Pistoiese landfill and the associated liquid waste treatment plant.

This transaction, which follows up on others brought to a conclusion in previous years (from Waste Recycling and Teseco in Tuscany, to Geo Nova and Aliplast in Treviso), is part of Herambiente’s path of growth in the sector of industrial waste treatment and environmental services for businesses.

More specifically, Herambiente has further consolidated its own set of plants dedicated to companies, which is unique nationwide, having over 15 poly-functional sites active in treating industrial waste. The Serravalle landfill and the liquid treatment plant will mainly treat waste coming from industrial contexts, guaranteeing new opportunities for marketing and technical synergies with other the plants and services managed by the Group, furthermore allowing Herambiente to become the reference operator in the waste sector in Tuscany as well.

The strategic priority pursued by Herambiente, which can rely on the roughly ninety plants it owns, all certified and at the forefront in bringing together efficiency, competitiveness in costs and sustainability, is to provide companies with waste treatment solutions that follow the principles of a circular economy. The technology currently used in rounding off the circle of waste treatment still requires final waste disposal sites such as landfills, able to safely deal with non-recoverable waste coming from treatment plants. The acquisition of Pistoia Ambiente is therefore in line with this strategic orientation and will guarantee positive results in this area.

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