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Corporate Art Awards 2017, SCART Waste Art among the winners

SCART Waste Art among the winners

Assigned in Rome today at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, this award acknowledges the Hera Group project that makes art out of waste materials.


The winning companies of the Corporate Art Awards 2017 are, today, receiving their awards at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage in Rome. Those companies include the Hera Group. The multiutility has won this recognition thanks to SCART, an artistic/communication project that focuses on creating works of art and installations out of waste.
In illustrating the reasons for the award, the judges stated that SCART represents “the world's leading corporate Waste Art project in terms of breadth, originality and continuity over the years”.

Hera thus joins the ranks of other leading companies (which received the applause of none other than the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella) that have demonstrated excellence in international projects designed to bring the business and art worlds together.

Conceived by Maurizio Giani and now with a twenty-year tradition behind it, the SCART project is part of the Hera Group's broader commitment to the circular economy. It boasts a Waste Art collection now over 900 pieces strong that include costumes, pictures, furnishing items, musical instruments and much more besides. Involved in numerous national and international exhibitions, SCART works alongside major research and training institutes such as the Accademie di Belle Arti of Florence and Bologna, as well as internationally renowned artists and critics. Moreover, many of the works created as part of the SCART project embellish offices and other workplaces within the Group, making them an integral part of the way customers are welcomed (as the recent Hera stands at the Ecomondo fair in Rimini and FICO in Bologna clearly demonstrate).

With 6.9 million tons of waste processed, a vast pool of processing plants and 3.3 million citizens served, the Hera Group is Italy's number one waste management provider. By placing particular emphasis on industrial waste, SCART makes a sound contribution to building on these results. It does so by using an array of artworks to raise expected standards and by having a positive impact on the way we see recycling and re-utilisation.

To get a clearer idea of what the SCART project is all about you can visit the travelling “SCART, il lato bello e utile del rifiuto” show free of charge. Following its success in Ravenna, Imola and Modena, the show is now in Udine at the Tina Modotti Gallery until 30 November. From 7 December to 15 February 2018 the works will be on display at the Chamber of Commerce in Pisa.

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