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RicicloAperto - Recycling open days with Comieco.

Herambiente opens the doors to its paper and cardboard recycling plants.


During the Month of Paper and Cardboard Recycling, the paper recycling plants will be open to the public from 21 to 23 March.

Approximately 60% of Italy residents still believe that separate waste collection doesn't have a happy ending by recycling as "everything is thrown away together in the end".

To smash this and other myths and to show the public what really does happen beyond the collection bins, on 21, 22 and 23 March, RicicloAperto, the event during which Comieco traditionally opens its doors to over 100 plants operating in the field of paper and cardboard recycling, is back.

Organised by Comieco, together with the Italian Federation of Paper and Graphic Industries, Assocarta and Assografici and with the backing of the Ministry for the Environment, Anci, Fise Assoambiente, Unirima and Utilitalia,the open days promoted by the paper and cardboard recycling industry have now reached their 17th edition, attracting over 18,500 Italians curious to discover the multifaceted world of paper.

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