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Herambiente at SMICE 2018

This interest became a concrete reality in July 2010 when key institutional investors with a long-term outlook took a capital stake in Herambiente. Herambiente is 75% owned by the Hera Group; the remaining 25% is owned by Ambiente Arancione Cooperatief U.A., made up of, in equal measure, the British fund 3i and the Dutch fund Apg.


Herambiente was one of the sponsors of SMICE 2018, held in Rome from 23rd to 25th May. The event was organised by the Italian National Research Institute's Water Research Organisation (IRSA), the conference being part of a series by the IWA Specialist Group on Sludge Management (SGSM).

Herambiente and Agrosistemi, represented by F. Cella and P.P. Piccari Ricci, presented the poster “A Chemical-Physical process to reduce the level of potential pollutants in municipal sewage sludge. Upgrading of the fertilizer plant in Cervia (RA)”concerning the technology used to co-manage sludge.

Moreover, Herambiente took part in the “A field study to assess the agronomical suitability of a sewage sludge after biological or chemical stabilization”session with Utilitalia on the theme of reducing environmental impact by applying real, effective solutions.

Participants included exponents from the international scientific community yet also representatives of integrated water service businesses and/or owners of sludge treatment patents. During the three days the event gave also participants the chance to visit sites not normally open to tours such as the source of the River Peschiera, the Acquedotto Vergine in Piazza di Spagna and the Trevi Fountain control room.

The subject matter covered:

  • real organizational solutions to reduce environmental impact;
  • innovative techniques to recuperate useful resources;
  • minimising waste water and ensuring re-use;
  • innovative energy generation techniques;
  • problems stemming from the use of waste water in agriculture;
  • changes in waste water treatment and regulations;
  • waste water processing theoretical analysis and practice.

Problems concerning sewer waste are common worldwide. It is thus advisable to share the best, most suitable solutions, costs permitting, for the specific local context.

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