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The largest Italian company specialized in the management of industrial waste is born


From 1st July, Waste Recycling, a subsidiary of Herambiente, was merged by incorporation with Herambiente Servizi Industriali (Hasi), which became the largest Italian company dedicated to the management of industrial waste with registered offices in Bologna and three commercial offices in Ravenna, Padua and Pisa.

Hasi achieves one million tons treated per year

The objective of the merger is to further simplify and rationalise the overall structure of the company and to facilitate corporate coordination activities in order to achieve economies of scale with an overall improvement in operational efficiency.
The entry into Hasi of Waste Recycling's three multifunctional Tuscan offices (two in Castelfranco di Sotto and one in Pisa, the former Teseco) will also expand the range of customers, allowing Hasi to transfer several types of waste on the same platform.
In Italy, waste from production activities accounts for 80% of all waste produced. Compared to urban waste, industrial waste requires highly professional management systems and state-of-the-art treatment plants. With this merger, the volumes treated by Hasi double from 550,000 to one million tonnes per year, mainly from the chemical-pharmaceutical, petrochemical and steel sectors, but also from the manufacturing and food sectors. The same applies to customers, who have grown from 1,500 to 3,000 small and medium-sized companies, but also 250 large customers.
The employees of the new Hasi increase from the initial forty to 200, while the turnover reaches 140 million per year against the previous 50.

At the service of businesses

Hasi was born in 2014 from a rib of Herambiente, the Hera Group company that is the national leader in waste management with over 6 million tonnes per year (including urban and C&I, hazardous and non-hazardous, originating from urban collection and industrial and production activities).
Thanks to the availability of approximately 90 Herambiente certified plants and a network of qualified suppliers throughout the country, Hasi is the Group company that offers services to companies ranging from micro-collection for small businesses to the treatment and disposal of all types of waste for SMEs and large industrial groups.
With the aim of reducing costs and improving the circular economy performance of client companies, Hasi's offer has evolved over time, adding to waste treatment and transport a whole series of related services of higher value: the so-called Global Waste Management services, customised solutions to support customers in every aspect of waste management, always with a focus on recycling and recovery, as also indicated by EU directives.
Companies that are supported by Hasi with Global Waste Management services also reach recovery rates of around 80%, thanks to the efficiency plans in waste reduction and improvement in plant performance. In addition, the synergy with the other companies of the Hera Group allows client companies to access additional services with a view to the circular economy, such as energy and water efficiency plans.

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