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Landfill for Non-Hazardous Waste (BSW2) located in Modena AREA 3

Via Caruso 150, Modena

  • 1 / 3   Landfill BSW2 located in Modena AREA 3 - 1
  • 2 / 3   Landfill BSW2 located in Modena AREA 3 - 2
  • 3 / 3   Landfill BSW2 located in Modena AREA 3 - 3

Page updated on 26 August 2015

    Landfill type
    Stabilised and solidified waste with hydraulic binders exclusively originating from the nearby “SOLIROC” neutralisation plant
    Operational status
    Post-operational since 2007
    Overall capacity
    The "BSW" landfill complex is currently divided into two sites by the high speed line: the site North of the high speed line ("BSW1") with a capacity of approximately 131,200 m³ and the site South of the high velocity line ("BSW2") with an overall capacity of approximately 399,450 m³

    Horizontal drainage at the bottom of the landfill, storage tank accumulation and transfer to the treatment plant by tanker.

    Waste placed in the landfill has an inorganic matrix (waste from the treatment cycle taking place at the "SOLIROC" plant) and is therefore not a source of biogas or landfill gas.

    The bottom and walls of the basin are equipped with artificial sealing systems, while the drainage of the leachate is lined with an impermeable liner.
    The natural geological formation comprises cohesive deposits, predominantly clay-silt deposits. In the approval phase of the adjustment plan, as permitted by Regional Council Resolution 1530/03, a risk assessment was presented with comparison of the current condition (i.e. the characteristics of the existing compartments) and the confinement barrier envisaged by Legislative Decree 36/03, which permitted the approval thereof on the basis of compliance by equivalence.

    The final layout project was carried out in compliance with current regulations and the top covering of the landfill essentially comprises, from top to bottom, the following layers:

    • 100 cm of topsoil;
    • rainwater drainage layer made of 50 cm of inert materials;
    • sealing layer made of 50 cm of clay.

    The environmental matrices and emissions monitored as environmental surveillance of the potential impact of the operational management of the landfill are:

    • rainwater;
    • groundwater;
    • surface water;
    • leachate;
    • air quality;
    • noise monitoring.
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