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Herambiente's QSE policy

Policy for quality, security, environment and energy

This policy proceeds from the policy of Gruppo Hera and sets out the fundamental principles of reference for detecting Herambiente SpA targets of improvement. In particular, Herambiente Spa is engaged to respect and to promote the following principles.

Compliance with the law

Guaranteeing full compliance with the law to its activities according to European, national and regional rules enforcing, if possible, more restrictive standard than the standard in force, as regards prescriptive authorization of each establishment, and, in particular, in relationship to pollutant emissions.

Management Systems

Guaranteeing the enforcement of the integrated managing system "quality, security and environment", dedicating adequate resources in order to obtain a management that meets the reference standard adopted.

Environment Protection

Guaranteeing an environment management system that involves a lower environmental impact to all the establishments and during the entire life cycle of each one. This management is enforced through a monitoring system and a systematic control with the aim of containing and reducing the principal environmental impacts linked to the normal activity of the establishment and, in particular, to the emissions in the atmosphere, the waste water, the releases into the soil, the management and production of waste, the noise, the odorous emissions and the use of resources. These efforts are partly aimed to prevent environmental accidents inside and outside the establishments.

Optimization of processes, activities and energy

Optimizing management procedures, giving guidelines to each establishment in order to make as homogenous as possible its behaviour on the entire territory, promoting and rationalizing, if possible, the process of natural resources salvage, reintegration of human resources, the use of energy produced from renewable sources, energy efficiency, transport saving and a general managing of activities in the name of recycle, salvage of raw materials and energy production from waste. Developing, for an improvement of energy performance, a master plan with the aim of testing, in a complex plants site, a system of energy management, pursuant to ISO 50001, allowing its control by the diffusion of the energy systems streamlining company culture.

Best technologies

Introducing, where it is possible, the best existing technologies with sustainable costs in relationship with workers preservation of safety and healthcare, and in relationship with prevention and reduction of environmental impact. Supporting and actively participating to research activities in collaboration with bodies for vigilance and control of activities, universities, research institutes and industrial partners.

Safety at Work

Promoting and enforcing all necessary measures (Risk and emergency situations Assessment, accidents prevention measures, measures aimed to effectively contain hazardous aftermath for workers, environment and public health care), in order to guarantee a management system of security and of risks prevention both for Herambiente workers, for contractors in the work sites and for neighbouring population.


Assuring internal communication, promoting involvement, awareness and accountability of all employees, workers and contractors about subjects and targets of quality, environment and security. Maintaining positive communication with stakeholders, control boards and local authorities in the name of transparency and highest involvement. Encouraging local authorities to adopt as uniform as possible criteria in the served territory.

Continuous improvement

Pursuing continuous improvement of our performance in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, company economy, risks prevention, environmental performance and energy efficiency. Defining targets through the use of arranged indicators constantly analysing the interaction of our activities with the surrounding environment. The consequent intervention will be the core part of planning processes.

The management of Herambiente is directly involved in the respect and implementation of these principles ensuring and periodically verifying that this Policy is documented, effectively and actively implemented, spread to the staff and made available to the public.

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