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A preeminent role amongst industry leaders

Herambiente was born out of a desire to concentrate Hera Group's exclusive expertise and extensive plant resources in a new company that would be better positioned to take advantage of the development prospects for the Italian market, which is served by highly fragmented companies and by a plant infrastructure that is insufficient for dealing with an annual demand of approximately 30 million tons of municipal waste generated in 2020 and approximately 160 million tons of special waste generated in 2019 (including special waste derived from the treatment of municipal waste).
The company is owned by Hera Group, one of Italy's leading multiutility companies, which provides environmental, water and energy services (distribution and sale of methane gas, electricity and district heating).
Its original business model and careful and sustainable management of its resources have led it to occupy a prominent role among the national leaders in the sector, not least because of its capacity for environmental innovation.

The company is responsible for organising and managing all the operational and commercial activities of the waste treatment and recovery plants.
Thanks to its awareness of various issues, its experience and the fact that it responds to the needs of the community, Herambiente is able to safeguard and take care of the environment, the local and industrial area in Italy through the support of qualified partners.

Operating since 2009, the Herambiente Group is 75% controlled by the Hera Group and 25% by EWHL European Waste Holdings Limited, a company under English law, 50% owned by the British Infrastructure Fund 3i Managed Infrastructure Acquisitions LP and 50% by the Dutch Pension Fund Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP. With a dedicated commercial structure, Herambiente offers tailor-made environmental services for companies. Sustainability, environmental protection and investments in technological innovation guarantee safe and effective solutions, certified with transparency.

6.2 million tonnes/year of waste treated
4 million tonnes/year of special waste treated
97 plants (9 Efw plants)
834.4 Gwhe/year of electricity produced
139 Gwhth/year of thermal energy produced

Data refers to 2021

The birth of a great Group

Herambiente was created on 1 July 2009 out of the Environment Division of Hera Group, Ecologia Ambiente S.r.l. and Recupera S.r.l., inheriting their expertise and plants.

Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento
Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento

Environmental protection strategy

Its sustainability and environmental protection strategy and investments in technologies ensure development, transparency and innovation.

An unmistakable identity

In this section you can learn about the Group's activities, listen to our employees' experiences, and explore our career opportunities.

Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento