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Organic fertilisers

Herambiente’s six composting plants treat 370,000 tons of organic waste per year with the best technologies to produce quality compost certified by Italian Composting Consortium (CIC). 50,000 tons of compost were produced every year thanks to separate waste collection by members of the public of mowing, pruning and organic waste, reducing waste sent to landfill.

Herambiente organic fertilisers include a complete range of soil improvers and correctives for agriculture and gardening. The main purpose is to provide organic matter for the soil, acting on its mechanical and physical qualities.

Compost soil amendments

Herambiente soil improvers line has been created to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers with expertise and professionalism. These products are perfect for: open-field farming, hobbies, garden, the fertiliser industry and third parties.


Herambiente is committed to produce correctives derived from urban treatment sludge through third-party plants. The corrective agents are perfectly integrated in the fertilisation plans for extensive farms (production of cereals and other conventional open-field crops).

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