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Padua hazardous and non-hazardous special waste management plant

Corso Stati Uniti 5/A, Padua

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The Padua storage centre is located in the industrial area south of Padua also known as Z.I.P.

The Padua facility is authorised to receive, store, recover and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Nestambiente S.r.l. has been a member of the National Association of Environmental Operators (registration no. VE01468) since 2008 for the following activities: transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, cat. 4 and 5-F, sale and brokerage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste products without storage, Category 8-B, site reclamation, 9-D, decontamination of goods containing asbestos, 10B-C.

Page updated 26 August 2015


    The Storage Centre facility covers an area of approximately 3,000 m; the waste is stored in well-defined compartmentalised areas authorised by the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (IEA) decree no. 109 of the Veneto Regional Council (D.G.R.V.) of 30/12/2010 and the later supplement no. 40 of 19/06/2012.

    Specific waste control procedures are implemented both during the definition of customer contracts (the "certification" stage) and on acceptance of the waste at the storage facility.
    The waste entering the facility can only be accepted if it is accompanied by specific basic waste characterisation.

    When the control stage has been completed, the waste is then stored in the dedicated storage areas, awaiting the recovery or disposal operations.
    It is then sent to outside final disposal plants, in Italy or abroad, or authorised landfills.

    Maximum quantity of waste that can be stored
    2,160 tonnes of which 1,890 tonnes of hazardous waste and 270 tonnes of non-hazardous waste
    Types of waste accepted
    Special waste including hazardous, solid, powdery and liquid

    The waste admitted for storage can be sent for recovery or disposal operations, such as:

    • manual selection and sorting operations;
    • amalgamation;
    • preliminary reconditioning;
    • preliminary grouping.
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