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Aliplast – Sorting and storage platform – Formigine (MO)

Via Quattro Passi 108, 41043 Formigine (MO)

The company deals with collecting, managing, sorting and reducing plastic waste. Its main suppliers are the companies operating in the "Ceramics District", which in some cases are also its end customers and purchase regenerated PE film: a significant example of circular economy.

Page updated 12 December 2018

    Waste authorized for R12 operations:
    150102 Plastic packaging
    191204 Plastic and rubber
    200139 Plastics
    150116 Mixed packaging
    Waste authorized for R13 operations:
    150101 Paper and cardboard packaging
    150105 Composite packaging
    200101 Paper and cardboard
    Quantity storable for R12 operations: 16,000 tonnes/year (of which 1,000 tonnes/year EWC 150116 and 15,000 tonnes/year EWC 150102, 191204, 200139)
    Recoverable quantity for R12 operations: 16,000 tonnes/year
    Quantity storable for R13 operations: 1,000 tonnes/year
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