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Castelfranco di Sotto (PI) Storage Platform

Via Usciana, 115 - Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)

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Page update 1 July 2019

    Maximum instantaneous storage capacity
    1,880 t of which 1,048 t of non-hazardous waste and 832 t of hazardous waste delivered in bulk, in big bags and in various containers.
    Waste accepted
    hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, in a solid, muddy and powdery physical state. Waste from outside the region is also authorised.

    The platform consists of the following areas:

    • storage area;
    • repackaging area.

    Specific waste control procedures apply both when defining contracts with customers (the 'type approval' phase) and upon accepting deliveries to the platform.

    The compliance of the quality of the incoming waste with the corresponding approval is checked by means of visual and analytical inspections, carried out periodically and on a 'spot' basis, including collection of waste samples.

    After checking, the waste is labelled if necessary and stored in the bays and areas of the facility awaiting treatment, repackaged, sent to external disposal facilities.

    Storage method

    The waste in drums or containers is stored in separate areas according to its compatibility in order to ensure maximum security of the entire area. Bulk waste is stored in bays which, according to the type, is placed in a confined environment and with an exhaust ventilation system. The air drawn from these rooms is treated by two-stage wet scrubbers.
    All operations are carried out on waterproofed flooring with leachate collection.

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