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Forlì Equipped Ecological Platform

Via Grigioni 19, Forlì

  • 1 / 1   Forlì Equipped Ecological Platform

The Ecological Platform at Via Grigioni 19 in Forlì is authorised for the storage of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In particular, the plant may perform the following recovery and disposal operations:

  • D13: Preliminary grouping prior to one of the operations cited in points D1 to D12;
  • D15: Preliminary deposit prior to one of the operations cited in points D1 to D14;
  • R13: Storage of waste intended to be subjected to one of the operations cited in points R1 to R12.

The acceptance and dispatch of the waste are governed by suitable procedures.

The delivered waste is weighed at the plant´s weigh-bridge before being unloaded, according to type, in the various storage sections that make up the ecological platform.

Page updated 26 August 2015

    Storage capacity
    890 tonnes (maximum storable quantity of hazardous waste: 74 tonnes)
    Type of waste accepted
    hazardous and non-hazardous municipal and special waste

    The plant comprises the following section the following sections:

    • enclosed yard with areas for vehicle transit and waste loading/unloading;
    • appropriately identified, regimented and delimited waste storage areas;
    • three semi-buried reinforced concrete tanks for holding waste;
    • depot for liquid waste, stored in suitable fully sealed containers on the containment tanks, equipped with appropriate emptying systems.
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