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EMAS environmental declarations

The Environmental Declaration is the document used by Herambiente to inform readers about the performance of the company’s environment management system over the last few years.
This document satisfies the organisation’s need to inform the public, in an active and transparent manner, about the environmental performance of the plants and the results achieved with respect to the established environmental targets. As well as containing information about the organisation, the environmental policy and the management system, the environmental declaration describes the plant-related site concerned, the environmental aspects and the targets/objectives set from time to time. The data contained in the declaration relates to the last three years.
The declaration is valid for three years and updated annually.

The document consists of two parts:Emas

  • A general part containing information about the business and citing the registration numbers of the individual plants.
  • A special part relating to the individual site.

The link below leads to an archive where you can consult the declarations arranged by year.

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