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Herambiente's HSE policy

The Herambiente Group aims to be the largest Italian company in the waste treatment sector. It operates on the national and international market and, with its companies, treats all types of waste, urban and special, dangerous and not, ensuring an accurate management. It offers customers integrated environmental services, designs and realizes reclamation of contaminated sites and treatment plants, contributing to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of workers and citizens.

The plant equipment is characterized by reliability, advanced technologies, high environmental performance with the aim of pursuing standards of efficiency and profitability, high percentages of recycling and recovery of materials and energy.

Key points of our HSE policy

This policy is based on the Hera Group’s policy and, consistently with its mission, values and strategy, establishes principles and behaviour focused on complying with the expectations of stakeholders.

Particularly, the Herambiente Group commits to comply with and promote the points specified below.

1 - Compliance with regulations
Herambiente carries out its activities in total compliance with Community, Italian, regional and voluntary corporate regulations, and with agreements and commitments entered into by the organisation with the parties concerned to protect the environment and the health and safety of workers. The company complies with the regulations of the countries where it operates by also applying higher standards, whenever possible.

2 - Management Systems
The Management applies the integrated quality management system “quality, safety, environment and energy” as strategic and sustainable development tool.

The Group encourages the best internal management practices, also in plants outside Italy.

Ongoing improvement of corporate processes is also pursued by evaluating the adoption of new certification patterns that are relevant for the corporate business.

3 - Environmental protection
The commitment to protect the environment and prevent pollution is implemented through careful and sustainable management of production processes and of the services provided, ensuring precise and constant monitoring to minimise the related environmental impact.

4 - Optimising processes, activities and resources
The Group encourages all companies to adopt homogeneous behaviour. It promotes and rationalises, where possible, energy efficiency, the recovery of natural resources by exploiting energy produced fromrenewable sources and performs activity management to ensure recycling and recovery of material and energy from waste.

5 - Safety at work
Herambiente promotes safety, prevention and protection of its workers and suppliers who operate on behalf of the Group in sites where activities are carried out, guaranteeing the adoption of all necessary measures established by the management system to define prevention measures.

The company ensures the protection of workers, of neighbouring populations and of the environment from risks of major accidents by implementing suitable prevention and protection measures in production plants subjected to a special regulation.

The Organisation disseminates theculture of responsibility, of prevention and safety by promoting virtuous behaviour on the part of all subjects involved to make safety a common personal value and ensure the wellbeing of workers.

6 - Promotion of the corporate culture
Herambiente develops policies aimed at encouraging involvement and raising awareness of its employees at all corporate levels and of suppliers on quality, environment and safety-related topics and goals.

The company supports interaction and discussion with all parties concerned, with control agencies and with competent Authorities to achieve the utmost transparency. It also creates common value by activating clear participation and information tools that are significant for corporate policy.

Herambiente promotes an environmentally responsible approach, offering citizens and students the opportunity to attend guided tours of the plants in order to provide a complete and transparent view of the waste processing method, and to build the culture of sustainable development in new generations.

It supports and actively participates in research and partnership activities with universities, research institutes and industrial partners.

7 - Ongoing improvement and sustainability
The organisation defines improvement goals for its environmental and energy performance, for the quality of services issued and for safety. It also defines risks and opportunities that can either prevent or contribute towards the established goals. Herambiente contributes to the dissemination of a circular production and consumption model focused on achieving global objectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability of the planet by defining innovative technological solutions. In terms of circular economy and of sustainability, waste is considered a resource to be channelled first for material recovery and recycling processes that generate new products and, when that is not possible, for the production of energy.

The management of Herambiente is directly involved in the respect and implementation of these principles ensuring and periodically verifying that this Policy is documented, effectively and actively implemented, spread to all personnel of the Group — both in Italy and at an international level— and made available to the public.

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