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The HSE management system

Herambiente has established itsown integrated management system, which is constantly implemented, maintained and improved, pursuant to standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, 45001:2018, 50001:2018 and Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 (EMAS).

Herambiente’s management system makes it possible to identify and describe business processes through: identification of theenvironmental and safety aspects associated with them, and consequent evaluation of their significance, definition ofimprovement objectives consistent with thecompany’s quality, safety and environment policy, and identification of the applicable legal and other prescriptions.
It also defines procedures for the implementation of the targeted processes by identifying roles and responsibilities, and for the consequent preparation of all necessary documentation.

The documentation of the management system, which is adequate to satisfy business management requirements concerning quality, environment and employee health and safety, derives from theintegrated Health, Safety, Energy and Environment manual, and is based on Herambiente’s Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy Policy. It is structured around various types of documents, each of which is put through a cycle of checking and approval by the departments involved before being entered into Herambiente’s computerised document management system.
In particular, the system is structured around the following components:

  • Procedures describing the organisational and operational details and the responsibilities with which the various processes are carried out
  • Instructions describing in detail how a particular activity should be carried out
  • Records, modules used to provide evidence of compliance with the specified requirements, the effectivefunctioning of the system and the controls carried out, together with other types of sector-specific documents (e.g. safety, environmental monitoring), with an overall total of around 1,500 documents.

Periodic review of HSE management system processes

At regular intervals, Herambiente carries out control activities in relation to processes and environmental and safety performance, in conformity with the policy, targets and applicable prescriptions.
These activities include auditing, to which more than 150 days are devoted every year. This time is divided between internal, second- and third-party audits.
The critical points identified (non-conformities) are systematically recorded and managed by identifying and implementing appropriate corrective actions for each of them, with individual follow-up to verify the effectiveness of the actions so that the file can be closed.

Every year, Herambiente’s entire system is reviewed to ensure that it remains appropriate, adequate and effective, and also to identify activities for ensuring its continuous improvement.

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