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Safety documents for entering plants

Herambiente has always paid attention to safety at its plants, both for its own employees and for all third parties who enter the company’s plants for various reasons (contractors, carriers, clients, visitors, etc.).
Consequently, the Safety Management System provides a series of documents aimed specifically at outside parties, with the aim of informing them and setting rules of behaviour designed to ensure that working activities are carried out safely.


The Risk Information Notes (NIR) are the main documents used by the organisation to actively inform third parties of the risks present in its plants and the rules of behaviour to be followed for the prevention of accidents and protection of health and safety in conformity with the requirements of Article 26 of Legislative Decree 81/2008.
These documents are drawn up for each plant complex, and are divided into a general part and special appendices for each plant or plant section.

  • The general part provides a summary description of the plants within the section and the rules of behaviour to be followed within the site. These standards consist of general rules and prohibitions that must be complied with by any person entering the plants, as well as specific rules for contractors, carriers and visitors;
  • The special appendices provide, for each plant or plant section, a detailed list of the risks associated with the working environment, including some of the main interference risks, with the related accident prevention and protection measures adopted or to be adopted in order to reduce and contain those risks.

Herambiente has also made arrangements for managing any emergencies which might arise within its sites. To this end, it has prepared a special document, aimed at all third parties who enter its plants for various reasons, which sets out the Rules of Conduct to be followed in case of emergency. Every person entering one of Herambiente’s plants is obliged to study these rules and to act as requested, either in the event of a real emergency or in a simulated emergency. Herambiente carries out periodic simulations of possible emergencies, involving all internal and external personnel present on the site.

Special attention is paid to clients/carriers delivering waste to the sites or taking it away. The procedures for access and for unloading/loading waste at Herambiente are set out in special Access and Unloading Procedures.

The documents for each plant are listed below, highlighting those relevant to delivering clients and carriers.

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