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Guided tours

Guided tours

Herambiente Group´s plants for processing municipal and special waste, including hazardous waste, allow all requirements to be met for appropriate management of the entire quantity produced, in addition to meeting the growing service demands of the local and national economy. Herambiente carries out its waste management operations and its material and energy recovery activities without prejudicing the quality of the surrounding environment. Herambiente conducts its activities with the fullest respect for the territory in which it operates, and adopts the solutions with the lowest overall impact on the environment at every stage of the treatment process. All treatment plants are subjected to rigorous monitoring, the results of which are made public through environmental declarations.

Our aim is to raise public awareness
aboutour plants as an effective waste-management solution by providing guided tours of the plants.
Would you like to visit a waste-to-energy plant or an anaerobic digestion and composting plant?

Find out how to book a tour with just a few clicks of the mouse!!!

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A seguito dell'emergenza sanitaria dovuta al covid-19, e al fine di limitare le occasioni di possibile contagio, fatte salve le attività improrogabili, vengono momentaneamente sospese le visite guidate di gruppo presso gli impianti del Gruppo Herambiente.


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