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Hera Group purchases Teseco plants

Impianto di rifiuti industriali

Thanks to the purchase made by Group subsidiary Waste Recycling of the plant sector of the Pisa company Teseco, a primary figure in industrial waste treatment and recovery, Herambiente, a national leader in this sector, will further expand its commercial offer and enlarge its already significant range of plants.

Waste Recycling, a Tuscan company belonging to the Hera Group and 100% controlled by Herambiente, has purchased the plant sector of Teseco. The company is based in Pisa, and is a leading actor in industrial waste treatment and recovery with over 30 years of experience in the sector of special waste and innovative plants (spread out over an overall area of 126,000 m2, over 30,000 of which are covered). The purchase was conducted by Group subsidiary Waste Recycling, given that the latter has been managing for over 25 years, and with similar efficiency, complementary types of treatment in its production plants in Santa Croce sullíArno and Castelfranco di Sotto, in the province of Pisa.

This operation allows, on the one hand, a considerable segment of production in the Pisa area to be conserved and maintained active, and on the other enlarges both Herambienteís overall set of plants and the services it offers to its clients, reinforcing its leadership in waste treatment and recovery. It is furthermore part of a larger goal, which consists in broadening the Hera Groupís operational area, initiated years ago and in line with the Groupís strategy of geographical expansion and integration.

By way of its authorisations, the quantity of waste it is able to manage, and the treatments plants at its disposal, Waste Recycling, with this operation, confirms its status as one of the nationís most important actors in the sector of industrial waste, enriching and rounding off the numerous services it offers to middle and large companies. At the same time, Herambiente will further increase its own client portfolio, through this preference given to commercial reinforcement in a region in which it is already active.

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