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Herambiente Industrial Services

Herambiente Servizi Industriali


Herambiente Servizi Industriali S.r.l. is the Herambiente sales company involved in the management of industrial waste and associated waste management services.
It was established on 24th March 2014, merging the experience gained over the years in the Herambiente and AcegasAps Groups. It is presently 100% controlled by Herambiente, which, in turn, is an integral part of the Hera Group, one of the major Italian multi-utilities.

In 2017 Herambiente began the process of acquiring Aliplast, a leading national company in the collection and recycling of industrial plastic waste and in the recycling and production of regenerated polymers. The operation show the desire to weave its business to the values of the circular economy, with a view to environmental sustainability. With this operation, the company's perimeter also extends abroad because Aliplast has sites in Italy, Spain, France and Poland.

The acquisition by Waste Recycling of the business unit of the Pisan company Teseco, a leading company in the treatment and recovery of industrial waste, further expands Herambiente's commercial offer and important plant equipment, strengthening its leadership position for the treatment of industrial waste in Italy. This operation makes it possible, on the one hand, to maintain an important segment of the Pisan production reality and, on the other hand, to extend Herambiente's plant equipment and the services offered to its customers. Starting from 1st July 2019, Waste Recycling, a subsidiary of Herambiente, was merged by incorporation with Herambiente Servizi Industriali (Hasi), in line with the Group's commercial strategy of expanding its extra-territorial presence.

Herambiente Servizi Industriali is a reference partner for all the companies in the national territory, offering full service waste management solutions. Solutions not only capable of “solving a problem”, but also of optimising internal processes: from integrated waste management to micro-collection, to environmental auditing to regulatory consulting.
The technical support is backed up by an extensive sales network throughout the territory
, with three sales offices: in Ravenna, Pisa and Padua.

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