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Market services

Through its plants and organisational structure, Herambiente's Market Services Department offers customers solid expertise in the field of integrated environmental services and in reclamation activities, with an ability to treat complex types of both solid and liquid waste.

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of Special, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste

Herambiente Recuperi srl was established in October 2014 following the acquisition by the Herambiente Group of the business unit of Ecoenergy, the market leader in the production of RDF, refuse-derived fuel, creating Herambiente Recuperi srl.

Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento
Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento

and global environmental services

Through Herambiente Servizi Industriali and Waste recycling, any waste produced by craft, industrial or commercial activities will find the correct and most economically favourable destination, in full compliance with the complex environmental regulations.

and environmental engineering activities

Industry technicians monitor decontamination projects from start to finish and directly provide a wide range of environmental services

Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento
Core activities and services

The company's market services involve the technical and organisational management of activities such as:

  • environmental activities
  • marketing recovery services
  • developing and performing/coordinating integrated environmental services at big groups and medium-sized/large companies
  • reclamation services, bringing sites to a safe state, and environmental recovery of sites and buildings, including by means of environmental-engineering activities.