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The company Tremonti founded: Ambienthesis, Herambiente, Sersys Ambiente and Edison together for remediation in sites to be reclaimed

The company Tremonti founded

Tremonti, a NewCo specialising in soil and groundwater remediation services, has been created thanks to the expertise of four leading operators in environmental services: Ambienthesis, Herambiente (Hera Group), Sersys Ambiente and Edison. The NewCo will carry out its initial activities in the Tre Monti area of the Bussi sul Tirino (PE) site of national interest (SNI) and will gradually extend its activities to the Piano d’Orta area and the Bussi industrial plant, as soon as the legal proceedings still pending allow it to do so. This special-purpose company is an exemplary model for managing and successful resolving cases of land contaminated in the past by industrial firms in Italy, such as the former Montedison sites, which Edison is now fully responsible for recovering.

The new company’s partners are Ambienthesis, a leader in remediation, environmental reclamation and special and hazardous waste treatment, recovery and disposal; Herambiente, a member of the Hera Group and Italy’s leading waste treatment operator, offering innovative and sustainable integrated management solutions thanks to its roughly 90 plants equipped with the best technologies; Sersys Ambiente, which specialises in environmental services, from waste analysis and management to remediation planning; and Edison, a leading figure in the Italian energy transition, committed to production from renewable sources, efficient use of resources and environmental services.

NewCo’s first projects will be carried out in the northern part of the Tre Monti area of the Bussi sul Tirino SNI and will prolong the work carried out by Edison in this portion of the site. The technology chosen involves thermal desorption, a system of soil heating using deep pipes to evaporate and extract the volatile and semi-volatile organic substances present underground. Waste mixed with topsoil will be removed and transferred to treatment sites and, where possible, recovered.

Once the Ministry of Ecological Transition has verified the results of activities on the first portion of land, the intervention will be extended to the entire northern area. The NewCo will progressively extend its work to the Piano d’Orta and industrial plant areas. Work is already underway to remove the waste present on the surface of the land in the southern area of Tre Monti.

Given the sensitivity of this issue and the need to ensure constant communication with the authorities, the work is expected to be completed by 2024.

In the Tre Monti area, Edison began working in 2016 with a broad research plan designed to fill the gaps in knowledge left by the previous commission’s management with regard to the type of substances present on the surface and in the subsoil. Consequently, the company secured the site by restoring capping, the surface covering system, and building a Pump & Treat plant to treat and purify the underlying groundwater, with costs fully borne by the company.

Ambienthesis is a Greenthesis Group company specialising in environmental remediation and treatment, recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. For over 30 years, Ambienthesis has been a national leader in environmental services and waste management, offering its consolidated experience based on specific know-how in the integrated management of industrial waste. With hundreds of restored and secured areas, including Sites of National Interest (SNI), Ambienthesis is one of the leading companies in Italy in the field of remediation, a sector in which it stands out for its interventions that use the most advanced technologies. In line with the recent directives of the European Green Deal, which impose high standards for managing the waste cycle and the related technologies, and consistent with the dictates of the Green and Circular Economy, Ambienthesis and its entire Group have made innovation and environmental sustainability the cornerstones of their business model, based on a comprehensive and structured ESG strategy.

Edison is the oldest energy company in Europe, with over 135 years of record performances, and is one of the leading operators in the sector in Italy. It is at the forefront of the challenges involved in the energy transition, through the development of low-carbon generation, energy efficiency services and sustainable mobility, in fully in line with the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) and the objectives defined by the European Green Deal. Edison sells electricity, natural gas and energy and environmental services to 1.6 million end customers. Its operations are integrated along the electricity value chain, from production to sales of the energy component. It has a highly flexible and efficient set of power plants, consisting of 200 power stations including hydroelectric, wind, solar and combined cycle gas-fired thermoelectric plants. The Group’s net installed capacity totals 7 GW and in 2020 it generated 18.1 TWh, covering 7% of national electricity production. Today it operates in Italy and Europe, employing over 4,000 people.

Sersys Ambiente
Sersys Ambiente, a company present throughout Italy, acts as a point of reference – as regards regulations, operations and management – for industrial and public figures that necessarily deal with environmental issues. With over thirty years’ experience in the field of environmental services and in-depth knowledge of regulations, Sersys Ambiente operates across the board in this sector, through legal and engineering consultancy and direct interventions such as reclamation, monitoring, laboratory analyses and waste management. It has recently launched an investment strategy in the field of renewable energy, biomethane in particular. Sersys Ambiente is headquartered in Rivoli and draws on the experience of over 300 professionals with expertise in various environmental disciplines.

The Hera Group is one of Italy’s largest multi-utilities and operates in the waste management, energy and water sectors, with more than 9,000 employees committed every day to meeting a range of needs of approximately 5 million citizens located mainly in the Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Marche, Tuscany and Abruzzo regions. Publicly listed since 2003, it joined the FTSE MIB on 18 March 2019 and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, World and Europe, on 23 November 2020. Its subsidiary Herambiente is the nation’s leading operator in the waste management sector with roughly 90 state-of-the-art plants capable of treating any type of waste.


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