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Through its plants and organisational structure, Herambiente and Herambiente Servizi Industriali offers customers solid expertise in the field of integrated environmental services, Global Waste Management and in reclamation activities. The offer covers all types of waste, being able to take advantage of the important plant equipment, which allows to treat even complex types of waste, both solid and liquid.

Special non hazardous waste management and treatment

Herambiente manages the entire supply chain, dealing with all the operational and commercial activities related to treatment, material and energy recovery.

Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento
Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento

A single partner from collection to treatment

Any waste produced by handicraft, industrial and commercial activities finds with the most advantageous destination with Herambiente Servizi Industriali, in full compliance with the complex environmental regulations."

Strong know-how, high quality and safety standards

The sector's technicians follow remediation projects from the earliest moments by directly providing a range of environmental services such as: characterization and design, remediation and safety technologies, environmental due diligence.

Recupero, trattamento e smaltimento