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Environmental remediation and reclamation

Decontamination and implementation of safety measures

Herambiente's approach to remediation and environmental reclamation services has as primary objective the safety of the site and the recovery of the territory. This means that a scrupulous initial assessment of the actions plays a key role in the final result. Herambiente's technicians have a long experience in the field of environmental remediation and are able to offer the fundamental services for client companies: from characterization and design to the remediation itself, with site activities and full-service technical coordination. Interventions are carried out in contaminated sites, unauthorized landfills, fuel points of sale and areas with alteration of soil, surface water or groundwater.

The reclamation division addresses to:

  • port authorities
  • remediation consortia
  • private individuals
  • oil companies
  • steel mills.

The first and most important step in the process of reclamation of an area is the characterization. The in-depth study that allows to reconstruct the history of contamination of the place, provides all the elements to build the design phase of the intervention in an informed manner and estimate the costs of the intervention. Herambiente technicians are able to deal with any remediation intervention and subsequent safety, with an effective planning of interventions. Besides the characterization and the planning of the reclamation, Herambiente assists its clients in all the phases of the authorization process required by the law in force.

Herambiente uses state-of-the-art technologies and investigation equipment both for the execution of direct investigations ("undisturbed" sampling of soil and water with probes equipped with Geoprobe system) and indirect investigations (geophysical, geoelectric, georadar).

The stages of reclamation and safety are the most delicate, both for the treatment of the materials processed and for the impact that this activity can have on the productive life of a company. Thanks to the fusion of classic and innovative technologies, Herambiente intervenes quickly and safely in interventions:

  • on site, with handling and removal of materials and polluted soil, but with treatment in the area of the site itself,
  • in situ, without handling or removal of the contaminated matrix
  • off site, with handling and removal of polluted materials and soil off site
  • emergency, operational and permanent safety interventions.

The use of on-site technologies are the optimal solution for the remediation of contaminated environmental matrices, given the evolution of the sector towards the circular economy and the orientation of new regulations (Legislative Decree n. 152/06). Every remediation and safety intervention carried out by Herambiente is studied down to the smallest detail and planned with the client company in order to optimise the result in environmental and economic terms.

Choosing to invest in a disused production site, in the recovery of buildings and disused industrial areas is a possible strategic advantage for a company, but it can also become a problem. Herambiente, thanks to its experience in the field of remediation and safety and thanks to the composition of its staff, can offer a timely and in-depth environmental audit and analysis service. The knowledge of all the nuances of the legislation and the ability to identify possible environmental liabilities due to ongoing or past activities (in the air, in the soil or subsoil, in surface water and groundwater) that could lead to penalties even of criminal type for the unwary buyer and heavily affect the real value of an asset, creates the conditions for the realization of complete environmental due diligence, able to give answers to the client companies protecting their investments.

Environmental Due Diligence is typically a step-by-step process, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Document analysis (desktop study, data room review);
  • Phase 1 (Site visit and data collection in situ);
  • Phase 2 (direct investigation of environmental matrices of reference).

Do you need any advice? Contact our experts for a preventive environmental due diligence assessment.

Are you evaluating a remediation project? Tell us your situation and our staff will study a remediation plan on your needs.

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