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Characterisation and planning

To resolve an environmental reclamation issue, it is first necessary to conduct a careful analysis and properly evaluate the current state to identify limits, objectives and the best technologies to use, also in light of their financial sustainability.

In particular, Herambiente can provide the following services:

Execution of initial environmental surveys

  • preliminary assessment to verify whether the threshold contamination concentration level has been exceeded;
  • evaluation of environmental liabilities;
  • preliminary appraisal of decontamination costs.

Preparation and execution of characterisation plans:

  • historical reconstruction of production activities carried out;
  • site characterisation and development of the Conceptual Model;
  • initial investigation plan;
  • inspections and surveys;
  • geognostic surveys;
  • geoelectric/georadar surveys;
  • survey of interstitial gas (Soil Gas Survey);
  • chemical control and characterisation analyses.

Site-specific risk analysis:

  • determination of threshold risk concentrations.

Preparation of projects:

  • experimental laboratory testing and pilot tests;
  • identification of the best available technologies (BATNEEC);
  • decontamination cost estimates;
  • operating project;
  • plans of work;
  • control and monitoring plans;
  • Operational Safety Plans.
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