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Environmental due diligence

Environmental due diligence is an investigation technique that supports acquisition transactions, authorisations for the use of industrial areas or company mergers, and consists of identifying the risks and costs connected to current and past activities.

This type of survey makes it possible to quantify the potential liabilities to which an investor is exposed when acquiring an area or a property.

In terms of environmental aspects, it is appropriate for the buyer to conduct investigations during the negotiation in order to reconstruct and quantify the exact risk situation. Under-evaluating costs or the existence of undetected environmental liabilities could result in an extremely high risk of failure of the financial investment transaction. At any time subsequent to the acquisition, environmental liabilities may result in financial losses that could become significant.

Environmental due diligence may have a variety of targets (entire facilities, individual plants, pieces of land or residential buildings) and is substantially a detailed analytical process, both on-site and involving the assessment of documents, concerning the entire range of environmental aspects.

With its team of professionals, Herambiente has defined a survey method that can be adapted to meet the needs of customers by providing:

  • an analysis of the environmental aspects of the company being assessed;
  • an analysis of environmental documentation;
  • on-site environmental audits;
  • regulatory compliance analyses;
  • identification of environmental liabilities;
  • due diligence reports.

Herambiente provides all of these services to real estate companies, and also develops estimates for the execution of decontamination activities and provides details of all associated costs.

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