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Azienda Servizi Ambientali - Castel Maggiore Landfill

Via Saliceto 45, Castel Maggiore (BO)

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“ASA” company

Landfill for non-hazardous waste - “landfill for inorganic waste with a low, biodegradable organic content” sub-category

The landfill is in located in Castel Maggiore (BO) at Via Saliceto 45 and is authorised to dispose of hazardous, non-hazardous and non-decomposable waste.
The ASA plant consists of two separate landfill sites created in depleted clay pits. The first, known as “Casallona” (sector I and II), having reached full capacity, is not in the post-operational phase; the second, known as “S. Alessandro” (sector III) is currently operational.


    Both the operational and non-operational landfills are equipped with bottom isolation systems using natural materials (compacted clay, inert drainage material) and artificial materials (liners, covers, geogrids). A perimeter diaphragm has been created around both landfills to provide additional protection for the surrounding groundwater. A drainage network has been installed at the bottom of the landfill to intercept liquid waste that forms inside the site (leachate), which is carried to storage tanks and, finally, to disposal plants.

    ASA applies specific procedures as regards initial acceptance and controls during the waste delivery phase.

    The environmental matrices of the plant are monitored by a network of piezometers surrounding the entire site, as well as through air quality measurements taken inside and outside the plant. Noise and surface water quality are also tested.
    A specific environmental and health risk analysis was conducted during the planning phase.
    All of this, along with the operating procedures adopted, guarantees that the "best available technology" is used so as to cause the lowest possible impact on the environment and to health.
    ASA is authorised by virtue of Provincial Council Resolution 181 of 26 April 2011 of the Province of Bologna - Integrated Environmental Authorisation. This authorisation allows the above-ground expansion of S. Alessandro.

    Page update 26 August 2015


    Planned capacity (m3):

    • Casallona landfill: 768,000
    • S. Alessandro landfill - basin: 936,000
    • S. Alessandro landfill - above-ground: 415,400
    Types of waste accepted
    Solid hazardous and non-hazardous waste (with non-hazardous characteristics)

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