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Finale Emilia Landfill for Non-Hazardous Waste

Via Canaletto, Quattrina Finale Emilia (MO)

  • 1 / 1   Finale Emilia Landfill for Non-Hazardous Waste

Page updated on 26 August 2015

    Landfill type
    Municipal solid waste and special non-hazardous waste
    Operational status
    Operational since 2012
    Overall capacity
    416,000 m
    Placement type
    Overlapping layers that are 4 metres thick

    Compacting and covering of the waste with earth or other inert materials or with a stabilised organic fraction from the aerobic treatment of municipal waste.

    Horizontal drainage at the bottom of the landfill, collection chamber, storage tank accumulation and transfer to the treatment plant by tanker.

    Vertical capture with wells installed on site, collection network and high-temperature gas flaring.

    • 2.5 mm thick HDPE liner;
    • at least 1 m thick layer of compacted mineral material with k< 10-7 cm/s liner and Bentonite mat on the sides of the landfill.

    The final layout project was envisaged in compliance with Legislative Decree 36/2003 and envisages the following multi-layer covering package, comprising from top to bottom, the following layers:

    • 1 m thick surface covering layer of topsoil to encourage the growth of plant species to provide cover;
    • geocomposite drainage system to prevent the formation of a hydraulic head on the underlying layers, compacted mineral layer with a thickness of 0.50 m and hydraulic conductivity > 10-8 m/s;
    • gas drainage layer with a thickness of 0.50 m;
    • regulation layer in contact with the waste.

    The environmental matrices and emissions monitored as environmental surveillance of the potential impact of the operational management of the landfill are:

    • rainwater;
    • groundwater;
    • surface water;
    • leachate;
    • monitoring of biogas composition;
    • landfill emissions;
    • air quality;
    • noise monitoring.

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