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Castelfranco di Sotto (PI) Storage Platform and Selection Plant

Via Malpasso, 63 - Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)

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Page update 1 July 2019

    Maximum instantaneous storage capacity
    900 t (bulk and in big bags)
    Potential of selection plant
    70,000 t/year.
    Waste accepted
    non-hazardous special waste. Waste from outside the region is also authorised.

    The plant complex consists of the following sections:

    • storage area;
    • crushing plant;
    • selection plants.

    Specific waste control procedures apply both when defining contracts with customers (the 'type approval' phase) and upon accepting deliveries to the platform.
    The compliance of the quality of the incoming waste with the corresponding approval is checked by means of visual and analytical inspections, carried out periodically and on a 'spot' basis, including collection of waste samples.
    After successfully passing checks, the waste is sent off for further treatment in accordance with the provisions of the type approval.
    Incoming waste is distinguished between potentially selectable and non-selectable waste.

    Non-selectable waste is checked, crushed for compaction and then sent off for disposal; if reusable material is found, it is recovered.
    The waste that can be sorted for recovery is divided into two further streams: the waste sent off for the selection plant and the waste sent off for storage since it is already homogeneous by type.
    Waste for storage is sorted to remove any foreign material and, if necessary, crushed for compaction, before being stored in special areas from which it will be sent to external destinations.
    Waste sent off for the selection plant is first sorted by mechanical means, then crushed by a mobile crusher and then fed into the selection plant.
    These operations recover material such as wood, plastic, paper and cardboard, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electrical cables, etc. All operations are carried out on waterproofed floors with leachate collection.

    Selection plant
    The selection plant consists of a conveyor belt that feeds the waste onto a vibrating screen that separates the fine fraction.
    From the vibrating screen, the waste passes into the sorting booth where the operators sort the various recoverable fractions and feed them, separately, into dedicated bays.
    The unsorted waste fraction passes under an electromagnet that removes any ferrous material contained in it.
    From the various bays, the selected waste is then placed in a press that packages it in bales.


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