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Aliplast – Sorting and storage platform – Quinto di Treviso (TV)

Via Enrico Mattei 92, 31055 Quinto di Treviso (TV)

The company deals with collecting, managing, sorting and reducing plastic waste. By offering a specialized service, the company supports SMEs that need to go beyond traditional collection methods.

Page updated 12 December 2018

    Waste authorized for R13 operations:
    150101 Paper and cardboard packaging
    150105 Composite packaging
    150106 Mixed packaging
    200101 Paper and cardboard
    150107 Glass packaging
    191205 Glass
    170202 Glass
    200102 Glass
    Waste authorized for R12 and R13 operations:
    020104 Waste plastics
    150102 Plastic packaging
    170203 Plastic
    200139 Plastics
    191204 Plastic and rubber
    160119 Plastic
    160216 Components removed from discarded equipment other than those mentioned in 160215 (restricted to plastic components)
    160306 Organic wastes other than those mentioned in 160305 (restricted to plastic waste)
    070213 Waste plastic
    120105 Plastic shavings and turnings
    Exclusive quantity placed in R13 reserve: 3,750 tonnes/year
    Quantity that can be processed by R12 operations: 21,000 tonnes/year
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