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Page updated 1 July 2019

    Authorised storage capacity of waste in packs
    the maximum quantity of waste authorised for storage is 280 tonnes.
    Authorised storage capacity of waste in tanks
    the maximum quantity of waste authorised for storage is 200 m3.
    Waste accepted
    hazardous and non-hazardous special waste. Waste from outside the region is also authorised.

    Flammable waste in packs is stored under a special canopy located in the area outside the plant on special metal shelving with a containment basin. The canopy is equipped with a special fire detection and extinguishing system.
    Flammable waste in tanks is stored in two 40 m3 tanks and two 60 m3 tanks equipped with an inert gas blanketing system in order to avoid the formation of an explosive atmosphere.
    Near the storage area there is a transfer area for packs of about 25 m2 located under a metal canopy and equipped with a hooded exhaust ventilation system which sends the extracted discharge to an abatement system.

    Liquid waste is mixed in the specific storage area and the mixtures are sent to a thermal destruction plant or an energy recovery plant.

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