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Aliplast – Headquarters and Material processing plant – Istrana (TV)

Via delle Fornaci, 14 - 31036 Ospedaletto di Istrana (TV)

The parent company, which controls 100% of the Italian company Alimpet and the foreign subsidiaries: Aliplast Iberia, Aliplast France and Aliplast Polska. Aliplast operates 1 material production plant and 3 sorting and storage platforms. It also manages and coordinates all the Group’s other plants and companies.

The company handles and collects trimmings, scraps and waste to make regenerated polymers and either sells them to third parties (flakes of PET, granules of PE, PET, PP, HD-PE and other polymers) or uses them to make finished products, which are then sold (PE film for packaging, rigid PET films for thermoforming).

Page updated 12 December 2018

    Waste authorized for R13 and R3 operations:
    Plastic waste:
    160119 Plastic
    120105 Plastics shavings and turnings
    020104 Rifiuti plastici (a esclusione degli imballaggi)
    150102 Plastic packaging
    191204 Plastic and rubber
    200139 Plastic
    070213 Waste plastic

    Paper waste:
    150101 Paper and cardboard packaging
    200101 Paper and cardboard
    150106 Mixed packaging
    Requirement: mainly paper

    Other types of waste:
    070299 Wastes not otherwise specified
    Requirement: limited to panels, car doors from demolition, repair or replacement of vehicles and production waste and scrap, waste powder and granules from production, trade and crafts
    Waste authorized only for R13 operations:
    Glass waste:
    170202 Glass
    200102 Glass
    150107 Glass packaging
    191205 Glass

    Metal waste:
    150104 Metallic packaging
    170405 Iron and steel
    191002 Non-ferrous waste
    200140 Metals
    170402 Aluminium
    191203 Non-ferrous metal
    150105 Composite packaging
    Requirement: only for packaging predominantly made of aluminium
    150106 Mixed packaging
    Requirement: only for packaging predominantly made of aluminium

    Other types of waste:
    101199 Wastes not otherwise specified
    Requirement: only for fine window glass scrap from the window glass industry
    Quantity storable for R3 and R13 operations: 22,000 tonnes
    Quantity that can be processed by R3 and R13 operations: 82,000 tonnes/year
    Quantity storable for R13 operations: 300 tonnes
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