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With its 90 certified plants, 6,6 million tonnes of waste treated per year, 1,400 specialised operators and a dedicated commercial structure, Herambiente works in the field of waste treatment on the domestic and international market and represents a European benchmark.

Herambiente's facilities can handle the entire treatment chain: storage and initial pre-treatment, selection and recovery of "dry" materials (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and cans), anaerobic digestion and composting, waste-to-energy production with high-energy recovery, landfills, physical-chemical treatment of liquid waste, treatment for recovery or safe disposal of muddy waste and powdery waste.

Herambiente offers a "turnkey" environmental service, capable of satisfying the requirements of all clients, public and private, seeking to simultaneously solve several waste management problems, and requiring a range of solutions and customised services.The service includes both technical-administrative consultancy and integrated waste management, including logistic aspects and the search for the most favourable recovery and disposal solutions, in full compliance with regulations.

The consolidated experience acquired in this sector within the Hera Group represents the best guarantee of reliability regarding the proper execution, coordination, control and verification of the measures put in place. The Group is also the market leader in the process of matter and energy recovery from waste, with plants that contribute to completing the value chain downstream of the usual treatment process and that produce MPS: they are the result of a long-standing strategy of seeking solutions and processes that make refuse a resource, so that environmentally damaging disposal sites, such as landfills, can be eliminated.

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