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With its 97 certified plants, 6.2 million tonnes of waste treated per year, 1,600 specialised operators and a dedicated commercial structure, Herambiente works in the field of waste treatment on the domestic and international market and represents an European benchmark.

Herambiente's plants always ensure maximum efficiency in the management of special waste and cover all phases of treatment:

  • storage and initial pre-treatment
  • selection and recovery of "dry" materials (paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and cans)
  • anaerobic digestion and composting with production of biomethane
  • waste-to-energy plants with high energy recovery
  • physicochemical treatment of liquid waste
  • treatment for the recovery or safe disposal of muddy and powdery waste
  • landfills for non-recoverable waste.

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A complete and customized service

Herambiente, thanks to Herambiente Servizi Industriali (HASI), the company of the Group dedicated to environmental services for businesses, offers an integrated service with a global approach to environmental issues, including both technical-administrative consulting and integrated waste management. Starting from the specific needs of the customer, HASI composes a customized offer that solves all the treatment needs of companies: from the logistic aspects of waste collection and management, to the search for the most advantageous recovery and treatment solutions, in full compliance with the regulations. In addition, HASI offers innovative services such as the definition of tailor-made improvement plans in waste management, third-party management of private wastewater and waste treatment plants, as well as solutions increasingly oriented to the circular economy, such as the management from waste to by-product.

The great experience gained over the years by the Hera Group, the merger by incorporation with Waste Recycling and the various partnerships in the area, are the guarantee of a complete and efficient service. Each waste management project is undertaken to recover as much material and energy as possible. Modern and high-performance plants allow to increase the value chain downstream of the waste treatment processes and to produce secondary raw materials.

The goal of Herambiente is to be truly useful to its customers, finding concrete solutions and minimizing disposal solutions that have an impact on the environment, focusing on sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Are you looking for the most suitable solution for waste collection and treatment? Contact us and our staff will create a plan designed around your needs.

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